One to One

Structured Literacy Therapy Sessions

How does it work?

We start with an initial appointment where we assess your child.

An independent literacy assessment creates a clear picture of what your child's learning profile is, what is holding their progress and what needs to be done to help them succeed and be confident with literacy. 

We identify:

  • Any knowledge gaps that are holding them back.
  • Their developmental stage of phonological & phonemic awareness (essential pre-reading skills).
  • Which letter to sound knowledge they need to develop.
  • Reading ability compared to same-age group. 
  • Spelling ability compared to same-age group. 

What you get from this initial appointment:

  • A variety of evidence-backed independent assessments to tell you where your child is at compared to other kids their age in Australia based on age and grade. 
  • Approximately 3 pages of written report explaining all of the results.
  • Recommended goals and areas of remediation to get going with bringing up skill levels.
  • The option to discuss the results further so that you're clear about where your child is at with their learning and what needs to happen next to help them flourish with literacy. 

Then we commit to ongoing sessions to turn things around for your child

🚀 One to one instruction for children with dyslexia, autism, ADHD and other learning challenges. Most students will either have a diagnosis or be completing their 6 months intervention with us in preparation for a diagnosis.

🚀 Our one to one service is specialised and very different from your regular run-of-the-mill tutors. We offer a therapy, and we are not a 'tutoring centre'.

🚀 We develop reading, writing and spelling skills, using the evidence-based Multisensory Structured Language (MSL) and the Orton Gillingham method.

🚀 Our teachers are all highly-trained and experienced with neurodivergence and the science of reading teaching approach.

🚀 Every child is taught systematically at their own exact point of need to upskill and see results quickly.


✨ Manly West, Queensland

✨ Brighton, Victoria

✨ Online (from your own home)

Please note, due to time zone restrictions, we offer one to one to families in Australia only.