Embracing Children's Movement During Storytime

movement Dec 18, 2023
a child can move and listen to a story

Imagine this: you're at home, reading to your child. They're not sitting still; instead, they're fidgeting, wiggling, and maybe even bouncing around the room. You might wonder if they're paying attention or if they're simply too distracted.

The truth is, their movement is okay, and it's a vital part of how they process stories.

Children are full of energy, curiosity, and a natural inclination to explore the world around them. When they're engaged in a story, their bodies often reflect this inner excitement. They might wiggle their fingers, hop around, or even act out parts of the narrative. This physical movement isn't a sign of inattention; it's a sign that their little minds are hard at work.

In fact, research has shown that many children learn better when they can move. Movement helps them focus, retain information, and make meaningful connections with the story. When they're physically active while listening to a story, they're not being disruptive; they're actively engaged in the process of understanding and enjoying the tale.

So, the next time you find your child squirming or dancing while you're reading to them, embrace it. Encourage their natural need to move. It's a way for them to process the story on a deeper level. They might be reenacting a character's adventure, using their bodies to express emotions, or simply channeling their excitement.

This active participation enhances their comprehension, imagination, and emotional connection to the narrative. It's a beautiful blend of kinaesthetic and auditory learning, where their bodies and minds work together to make the story come alive.

As parents and caregivers, allow your child the freedom to move as they please, and watch as their love for storytelling blossoms. Cherish these moments when they're twirling, pacing, or bouncing with excitement. It's their way of telling you that the story has captured their heart and ignited their imagination.

In the end, reading isn't just about sitting still and absorbing words; it's about experiencing the magic of storytelling through movement, imagination, and the boundless energy of childhood.

So, let your child dance to the rhythm of their own story, because every wiggle and bounce is a step toward a lifelong love of reading.

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